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You help Keep Rowlett Beautiful!

Have you ever passed by a Rowlett neighborhood, home or business and thought, “Wow, that place looks great!”? We have, and our new We Noticed! award will recognize local businesses, neighborhoods and individuals that have made an extra effort to keep their properties looking good.

Taking another step to grow community pride in Rowlett, Keep Rowlett Beautiful is recognizing improvements, upkeep, cleanliness and beautification efforts.

By awarding all who keep their property beautiful and clean we hope to motivate others in the city to do the same. Community beautification takes the cooperation of all residents and businesses in Rowlett.

Board members examine different aspects such as:

  • The area is inviting with use and upkeep of greenery, such as grass, trees, shrubs and/or flowers along with benches, trash cans and/or chairs.
  • Area is litter free.
  • Building front is in good shape with clean paint or bricks.

You can nominate a neighborhood, home or business for this award anytime using the button below! 


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